Brew Kubernetes 10xΒ faster

Kuberama is the visual editor for Kubernetes infrastructure management. It makes configuring cloud-native applications easy as drawing on a whiteboard.

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🚁 Helicopter view

View your infrastructure diagrammatically.

Your office whiteboard will be always actual, branch with the code, and reflects reality.

πŸš€ Lightweight environments

Use Kubernetes controlled doppelganger instead of production managed software for developing and testing purposes.

πŸŽ“ No Kubernetes knowledge is required

Learn basic concepts on practice without digging too much into details.

πŸ’» Developer in the middle

Attach your computer right inside the cluster as a replacement for a workload.

The app will tunnel all necessary ports from and to your cluster.

πŸ€– GitOps compatible

All deploy-related data is stored under your Git and tied with your application source code.

πŸ’ͺ Extensibility

We made Kuberama pluggable.
Solve and share solutions for any aspect.

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